Expert subdivision advice a must (June 2022)

The annual migration is over, and you might be settling into your new locality only to find interest rates on the move and progress looking less certain over the next few years.

In the past, subdividing off the odd lifestyle block has been the key for many as a way of trimming down the mortgage to keep the Bank Manager off your back. You may see evidence of this happening around you but don’t be fooled into thinking that you can do the same.

In many cases, your friend or neighbour has had experience of subdividing and at the very least they know someone who has done it.  No doubt they think that they can give you 'good advice'. Other professionals may also offer an indication, but you shouldn’t rely on this information.

The rules applying to rural subdivision are changing very quickly and, in some areas, you can’t expect to start a subdivision even when landowners around you are finishing the process and still selling their blocks. In some cases, a subdivision can take many years to complete.

In that time the Council Rules could have changed, and what your neighbours did will now not be approved by Council. Also, your existing title may differ from theirs. The title date, its size and restrictions noted on it have significant effect on subdivision in most districts.

Some Councils restrict the number of lots you can create; most restrict the maximum and minimum size and some even require you to purchase subdivision rights from a third party before they will allow you to subdivide. So, it’s a complex process and whilst you might initially search on the Council website for information relating to subdivision, you will need to seek expert advice early on if you are contemplating subdividing.

We are dealing with subdivision enquiries from over ten districts daily. Even though we know the current rules intricately we must be continually checking for upcoming rules that might trip us up. Added to this complexity is the status of the individual title or titles that we are attempting to subdivide. 

There is no exception to carrying out specific investigation into each property prior to providing advice to individual clients. The job of an experienced surveyor is to balance the allowable subdivision under Council Rules with the land topography and potential land use to come up with a concept that helps you make the most of your biggest asset. In doing this we must listen to you, as the owner, because you know the land much better than we do.

So, if you are contemplating any subdivision or changes to your boundaries and want to get the best value out of your land, rather than talk to a friend, call a specialist subdivision surveying company for reliable expert advice. We are happy to give you the time to discuss the full potential of your land so feel free to give us a call and discuss your situation. 

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