The subdivision process is not for the faint-hearted. It is complex and highly regulated, requiring specialist knowledge, resources and plenty of time. Regularly taking a year to complete and it can take much longer, depending on council process and requirements, construction and legal aspects. We will guide you and manage the entire process that you must comply with to obtain your titles in a timely manner. The process includes:

  • A full Resource Consent Application is presented to Council including many reports and plans covering site detail, building suitability, planning rules, environmental, contamination and often more.
  • Council consider all the effects and issue a consent detailing the conditions that need to be complied with, including legal and construction items.
  • Construction of access and services for all new sections, including electricity, water and wastewater, must then be undertaken in accordance with tight specifications.
  • We are required to certify to Council that all construction and legal conditions have been satisfied precisely in accordance with the consent.
  • A legal survey must also be undertaken. This is a detailed technical process which creates the new boundaries and meshes them with all adjoining boundaries. The result that you see is the white boundary pegs and these are the basis of a new title that is guaranteed by the state.
  • Council approves the process at various stages and, following their final approval, the survey is approved by Land Information New Zealand.
  • Your solicitor then obtains the final titles through Land Information New Zealand and you are finally able to sell the land.
  • We guide you every step of the way, helping you ‘make the most of your land’.
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