Site Survey Process



When we carry out site detail (topographic) surveys, boundary pegging, building set out or certification of boundary clearance for daylighting or site coverage, the pegs and/or plan you see are a small part of the job.

Before anything can be done in the field, we must establish the location and research relevant boundary and height datum information. We need to research the title and old survey plans, and note any restrictions such as easements for right of way or service connections. That’s why we need plenty of notice before we can help you.

We then need to carry out precise calculations and upload the information into our equipment. With this done, we can be really efficient on site, where information is set out and gathered before returning to the office.

On our return to the office we need to carry out the further calculations, quality checks, drawings and certifications that are required. These certifications are often required for Land Information New Zealand and Council.

There is much more to surveying than a field trip with some specialised technology and equipment.

Trig points and topographical surveying
theodolite - traditional land surveying equipment
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