Surveying For Councils

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Surveying for Councils

Councils engage us on projects when they need timely support for
their infrastructure projects. From topographical surveys of rivers, reserves and coastlines to
legalisation surveys for roads and reserves, we provide the support. 

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Infrastructure work

Our surveyors are experienced in infrastructure work, having an expert understanding of all level datums, data capture and presentation. We are well experienced in the status of various land holdings held by local and regional authorities.

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Working with Councils

When carrying out work, Council’s have an obligation to control costs and the process, to protect the ratepayers. We are able to competitively price projects and provide a level of service that Councils and their Consultants expect. Our health and safety and environmental policies stand firmly behind our operations and this is paramount to those we work for, particularly in this space. Our work in this arena includes surveying rivers, stop banks and wetland areas for regional Councils; coastlines, slips and coastal erosion areas for District Councils; parks and reserves for District Councils and legalisation surveys for District Councils.

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In recent years we have carried out major projects for Tauranga City Council, Waikato Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Thames Coromandel District Council, Hamilton City Council, Hauraki District Council and Waipa District Council.

We are a pre-qualified  Local Authority Contractor. 


Learn more about our surveying services for councils.

Process and Prices


Land Survey Process

We use our in depth knowledge of local and national datums, contemporary survey equipment, proven methodology and past experience to work closely with and on behalf of Councils. 

Before anything can be done in the field, we must establish the location and research all relevant background data, including Council GIS and height datum information.  We will review Council process and safety information in relation to working in public spaces and, if working near to or on private property, contact owners and occupiers.  Existing survey control information or ‘set out’ coordinates will then be uploaded to our survey equipment.

We will capture the required data, or set out points, using the most suitable state of the art survey equipment, be it robotic total station, GNSS (GPS), or Drone.  Each system has its own advantages and sometimes we use a combination to achieve the best accuracy and economy, depending on your requirements. 

Throughout the project, we are focussed on providing accurate information upon which you can reliably base your future designs.  

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