Surveyors help in cyclone recovery (Feb 2023)

We might be subdivision specialists and spend a lot of our time subdividing land and creating new titles but, following a natural disaster, we can help with many land-related issues.  Our team can assist with anything that has to do with measuring and mapping the land.

The huge database held by Land Information New Zealand is available to us when we are called upon to show people where their boundary is when the landmarks have been displaced.  Your titles are guaranteed by the Crown and our Licensed Surveyors are qualified to place new official boundary pegs. Slips, floods and earthquakes change the landscape, but not the boundaries.  In extreme cases land, houses and other assets are strewn across the landscape onto other people's titles and part of your land might be unrecognisable.  We can re-establish your boundaries for you to fence your land.

Surveyors are called upon by local authorities and insurance companies to survey the extent of damage and provide maps that can be used to design remedial construction.  Our technology these days allows us to survey many sites without putting our Team at risk.  Scanning a slip from a remote location or drone survey techniques help us out here.

Often as a preventative measure, we assist Geotechnical Engineers and building companies by preparing site plans that enable them to assess the slope stability risk and to build houses a suitable distance back from any hazard such as a steep hill, river or manmade infrastructure.

Following natural disasters, there is often damage to major infrastructure or threats of subsidence.  Securing these assets, monitoring movement and providing solutions, all require surveying input from the outset.  Nationwide, surveyors are ready to assist with this work and have formed a network through their national organisation, Survey and Spatial NZ.  Through this initiative, resources can be deployed urgently as needed to any region in need.

If you’re experiencing some damage following the devastating weather that has hit the region over the last few months give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.  If we are unavailable, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can help you.