Project Manage for successful subdivision (Mar 2024)

Project Manage for successful subdivision

Many times in the past, we have been asked to assist someone by providing a plan for a subdivision that they propose to undertake.  Worse than that, we have been asked to complete a subdivision for which an inexperienced person has already obtained resource consent from the council. This process may have been started on their initiative or indeed encouraged by a council officer keen to help them out. Either way, DIY never quite works out to be easier or, as often hoped for, cheaper.

The final legal stage of obtaining the all-important new titles for the subdivision can be as important as the early assessment stage. And an expert in the process is a must at all stages. Without knowledge and experience of the entire process, it can be impossible to reach the end goal without significant rework, delays, or in the worst case failure.

A project manager with a specialist subdivision company will know the entire process because they have been there before. Utilising previous experience, they will be able to guide the project through the various layers of red tape to achieve your final goal – new titles and money in the bank, or a separate title for the family.

Subdividing land might seem easy, when you see the final result in the marketing images with a nice entrance and fenced-off section. However, it is never without its challenges.  Knowing the various tasks that are involved, the time frames and what experts are needed to support the application is not something that comes together the first time up. That’s where the project manager helps out.

Contacting your local council or looking on their website can give you an indication of whether they might entertain a subdivision in your locality.  However, the rules are never straightforward.  If you have seen other subdivisions taking place in your area, that is also a clue.

Numerous rules and regulations must be considered and complied with, in addition to the size component. These rules require specialist reports relating to ecology, site stability and drainage, access, contamination, land productivity etc.  Your council will require engineering certification of a stable building site and the construction of safe access from the road. They will also specify that connections must be established to water, power, stormwater, wastewater and the internet, as appropriate. If there are any problems with providing all this, then you can expect your project manager to go into bat for you and resolve the issues, wherever possible.

So there are plenty of places to get tripped up if you don’t understand the local rules or what reports and contractors your council will accept for the work that needs to be done. This all requires tight management and regular supervision by an experienced project manager to avoid delays, potential rework and budget blowouts.

If you are contemplating subdivision, you should engage a specialist subdivision company. They can then team you up with a project manager - an essential aid to navigating the complexities of subdivision. If you would like to explore your options, we are happy to give you the time to discuss the full potential of your land so feel free to give us a call and discuss your situation. 

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